Day: October 4, 2017

4 Oct

Help When You Can

I was born to be an activist and raise important issues. On the side, I want to help people lead better lives, free from fear and prejudice. It is a personal calling to help where you can. Injustice must be destroyed. Everyone should enjoy the freedom we have in America. Looking at it from another perspective, there must be good nutrition and medical assistance according to the principles of the surrounding culture. Traditions may dictate how people prepare and serve food for example, how they interact and marry, and how they raise their children. Religion is always a dominant force and may dictate one’s view of western versus holistic medicine. As you can see, I am interested in comparative cultures and applying uniform standards to all if it means a world of fairness and humanity.

This kind of focus leads me to participate in various charitable organization for which I volunteer. For example, recently I helped organize a fundraiser to get hot water heaters to a town halfway across the world to improve the health of the residents. While having clean potable water is a big issue, having hot water to bathe children is a larger one. Without practical water heaters, families (particularly vulnerable youth) may be subject to disease and ill health. Something as simple as an electric appliance can turn a hovel into a home. If there is sufficient shelter and protection from the elements, the next step is to have modern conveniences in the form of certain devices. Along with water heaters come ovens, refrigerators, water filters, and washing machines. Then life truly enters into the twentieth century. It takes a lot more to bring people into the twenty-first.

Have you seen pictures of sad-faced emaciated children who suffer from boils and other infections? These children do not have access to hot water and soap, i.e., a proper way to clean themselves. It is hard for Americans to believe that a hot water heater is a luxury in the third world. We haven’t boiled water on the stove since the 19th century in the Old West. That is when we also relied on water wells. Now it is all automated and hygienic. We just have to provide resources to those in need.

The group that sent the water heaters from this web site selected a worthy location as a sample or test run. They will continue to fundraise to further their program in other areas if this one is a success. Given the effort that has gone into the project, I expect it will be. Volunteers will go abroad to be present when the water heaters are installed. The users will learn how to set them to different temperatures. Minor repairs will be demonstrated as well. Everyone is excited to get going to see how people respond to their newfound luxury. I wish I could be there, but I have work calling my name. Someday I will be able to participate in person.