Step 1 on My Home To-Do List

23 Sep

Step 1 on My Home To-Do List

It is a good thing that I planned ahead when a teen in high school. I took all kinds of shop classes to learn basic construction skills. I loved the woodworking tools and the skills I had to hone to do decent work. Making cabinets and furniture had to come later in more advanced classes. Electrical work always eluded me, but I wasn’t bad at welding. This is not something you have time to learn as an adult. Now I can do some much-needed repairs around the house and yard. I have let things go and my to-do list is growing. I might even buy my own cheap welder instead of renting one. I know that there will always be things to attend to over the years. I can loan it to friends and neighbors since they often do the same for me.

In case you are curious, my repair list is rather mundane and no different than any other homeowner’s. Here are the top five items.

  1. Repair the metal fence with the welder so I don’t have to have the neighbor’s dog in my yard everyday doing his business.
  2. Repainting the trellis over the back patio which looks one hundred years old, at least.
  3. Putting in new screens in the kitchen windows. Simple. I just buy the right size.
  4. Building a metal shelving unit for toils and storage items in the garage. Again with the handy welder. I have to tell you that I got an A in shop class every time.
  5. Last but not least, I must put in a new kitchen faucet or fix the leaky one with the welder.

There are actually tons more things to do like new innards in the toilet that will be more efficient, cleaning out or exchanging the AC air ducts, nailing down a loose board in the hallway wood floor, and welding the hot water tank to its stand. It seems to wobble at times and I fear the consequences. A flood is not a situation you want to be in because you are too lazy to hire a repairman. I can do most things, making it all on my capable shoulders. I don’t mean to boast, but I am proud of my skills.

When all is said and done, the house, yard, and garage will be in tip-top shape and not need much attention for years to come. The welder will sleep for a while in its special place under the new metal shelves. I, for one, hope it won’t see the light of day for a very long time. This means that I am free to do other things such as support my personal causes. It is time to get back to airing the dirty laundry of the world. Tune in later for more on my usual topics. I am a citizen of a world in need of repair. Maybe I need to get out that welder after all. Ha!