Scary Stuff

12 Sep

Scary Stuff

There is a nightclub around the corner from the city hall that welcomes the LBGT community. Thus, it is one of my favorites. I am friends with many regulars so it is a wonderful social venue. I am sorry to say that it was recently the location of a violent incident. There was late night vandalism and hate mongering. It is a sad state of the world indeed. I thought we had made more progress than this. Do you have to segregate yourself to be safe from harm? Any of the patrons could have been victims. When people go on a rampage, anything can happen. When name calling abounds, the locals get riled and it can result in physical aggression. Someone could be hit, knifed, or shot. The subject of self defense comes up more often these days. No one feels safe even during the day. It is a quiet area at night with few pedestrians. There is no deterrent such as a bright street light.

The owner of the club felt very threatened and insecure on behalf of the patrons. He voiced concerns about safety and vowed to install additional precautions including the best outdoor motion sensor lights that I could find. In fact, he would add several in front and a few in back. People like to go outside in the good weather to enjoy a balmy night. Despite his good intensions, I am afraid to go back. I may change my mind as I see how things turn out. If no other incidents are reported in a few weeks, I may return accompanied by a friend. Remember, there is safety in numbers. Just to be spiteful, I want to hire a body guard but I know it is ridiculous. Only celebrities use them. I am just an average person who is aware of imminent danger lurking behind every corner. I hate to be so paranoid.

I resent that a few people can decide to ruin a community. The problem is that they disappear quickly and move on to another location. You can’t catch them and use them as a public example. I would like to see an outcry when they go to court. I would support tough judicial decisions. Vandalism isn’t usually a violent crime, but I know the kind of people who perpetuate it. They are capable of much more and are often looking for trouble when they haunt a busy and popular place.

My friends and I feel put upon and particularly annoyed that this is happening to us. I decided to check online to see if other areas of the country experience similar problems. I found that it is a common problem. Once certain groups are targeted, the worms inevitably crawl out of the woodwork. It is as if they have been given a secret go-ahead signal. There must be some secret code that exists in the underworld, the low belly of society. I hope you have not been subjected to hate crimes and that you will spread the word of caution.