Day: June 20, 2017

20 Jun

How to Handle Tough Situations

No one wants to handle tough situations. The media makes it look easy. It never is, even for the people who have been trained for this sort of thing. LGBT people have to handle situations like this all too often, which makes their lives so much more difficult.

Some tough situations are so bad that people cannot really do anything other than defend themselves or try to diffuse the tension. However, in the case of tough situations that are not life-threatening, people will usually have other options.

Even some of the basic parts of being an LGBT person can present tough situations. If you are planning on coming out to your parents, you can try to make things easier for yourself by having someone you trust with you at the time. A therapist or an adult professional or other trusted adult might be able to help.

Ultimately, having a social support network of any kind can make all the difference in the world for the people who are trying to deal with tough situations. These people can help you when it comes to the traumas that you will face. These people can offer direct and indirect support. There is a huge LGBT community and you do not have to feel as if you are alone in a well-connected world.

Preparing for the tough situations is often the best strategy. You can also try to avoid them to the best of your ability. In a world where LGBT prejudice is still very real, LGBT people will have to cope with some of the tough situations eventually, and they should try to get as many people behind them as they can.

This is very much the sort of area where straight and cis allies can help. If you are straight as cis, you have some power in these situations. Some straight and cis people are able to defend LGBT people from prejudiced individuals with their words or actions. If you are straight and cis, you do not have to deal with LGBT prejudice unless you are interacting with an LGBT person or a prejudiced individual. You are not worn out from years of doing so in all likelihood. You can use your power to help others, and this will make things better for the people who are really stuck in a tough cycle and in a world where tough situations are recurring.